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Real Talk Lenten Study 2018
We will be studying the book CREED, by Adam Hamilton. For Christians and for others seeking faith, some powerful answers to this question are expressed in the Apostles' Creed, a historic statement of foundational Christian faith. In this compelling book, Adam Hamilton explores what we believe.
Reston Campus
Tu every week
7:30 PM / 9:00 PM
Restoration Continued - Lenten 2018
Do you wish there was more after church on Sunday morning? Yeah, us too. This group spends time sharing thoughts about the sermon from that morning. No preparation is required. Just come to the worship service, listen to the sermon and then stay for a discussion in a relaxed environment. Miss a week? That's OK; each week is self-contained. (Though we will miss you!) No worries about getting behind.
Reston, VA 20190
Reston Campus
Su every week
11:30 AM / 12:20 PM
Young Families Life Group - Lenten - Reston
Young families will meet monthly in a group led by Nick & Maren Gazulis and Tim & Susan Ward.
Reston Campus
2nd Su every month
12:00 PM /
Young Professionals - Lenten - Life Group 2017/18
This is a Life Group for people who attend Restoration Church who consider themselves young professionals in the mid to late 20s and 30s. The group deals with different topics or books of the Bible throughout the year. the 4th Tuesday of every month they will to to Pour Theology.
Reston Campus
Tu every week
7:00 PM / 8:30 PM